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[Perlfect-search] search results

Rob Stevenson
Thu, 4 Jan 2001 10:08:02 -0400

I'm wondering about a couple of oddities in the search results. 
(perlfect-search 3.09)

I have the conf set to work with a lot of file types, including pdf, ppt, 
doc, xls, rtf and so on. I did this before I noticed that this version of 
perlfect doesn't do pdf docs. But it nevertheless spends some time 
looking at each of these files and includes them in the results. What is 
it doing when it looks at the files? And what do the results mean when a 
pdf is returned in the search results?

I can't seem to find what file types are searchable with perlfect. I've 
seen that info somewhere, but it's not in the FAQ or the Readme. Can 
someone enlighten me please?

The results return the IP address of the server rather than the domain 
name. Is this normal, or have I missed something in conf?



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