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[Perlfect-search] Scalability

Fri, 02 Feb 2001 12:48:21 +0000
Daniel Naber wrote:
> On 2001-02-01 15:49, you wrote:
> > I've been experimenting with Perlfect Search on a subset of our
> > Intranet, with excellent results. However I've now downloaded the latest
> > CVS version (in the hope of clearing some minor issues), and I see there
> > is a hard-coded limit of 65534 documents now enforced.
> You could remove the limit (that's easy), but I doubt that Perlfect Search
> is fast enough for so many documents. Did you try >50,000 documents
> already? If that worked, I will mail you how to remove the limit.
> Regards
>  Daniel
Not yet. The full set of indexable files is actually 65,211 at present,
and I'll try that over the weekend.

Incidentally, have you considered indexing Word files? There is a
utility on FreshMeat called 'antiword' which converts Word files into
text in the same way as pdftotext does. I've linked (hacked!) it into
Perlfect Search and it works fine.