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[Perlfect-search] Errors

Daniel Naber
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:52:45 +0200
On Thursday 16 August 2001 04:17, you wrote:

> D:\WWW\yourmaine\cgi-bin\perlfect\search\ Invalid conversion
> in sprintf: end of string at
> D:\WWW\yourmaine\cgi-bin\perlfect\search\ line 236.

What is in that line in your script? You are using version 3.20, aren't 

> D:\WWW\yourmaine\cgi-bin\perlfect\search\ Use of uninitialized
> value at D:\WWW\yourmaine\cgi-bin\perlfect\search\ line 408.

These are warnings that can be ignored (try removing the -w from the very 
first line if there is one).

Anyway, I suggest to install again from scratch. I have no idea why you 
don't get any results anymore.


Daniel Naber, Paul-Gerhardt-Str. 2, 33332 Guetersloh, Germany