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[Perlfect-search] Index Size?

Fri, 3 Aug 2001 16:36:34 +0100
>I have browsed through the archives and can't find any posts about the actual
>size of the index will be with x number or pages and/or the size of the site.
>So does anyone have an estimate on how big the actual index will be after
>indexing our site of ~900 files using 21 megs of disk space? I just need a
>rough estimate to satisfy the cgi admins who say they are low on 
>disk space. ;)
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it depends a little on how long the pages are and how large the total 
set of words on your site is, as well as the total number of pages, 
but there will be some relation between those figures.

some totals from my sites:
* 2.6MB for 2,500 smallish pages
* 7.25MB for 3,000 more wordy pages (total about 80MB)
* 700k for 300 wordy pages

those are for all the data files combined. looks like you'll be about 
2MB at most.