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Re[2]: [Perlfect-search] date search

Szilagyi Karoly
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 19:02:25 +0200
> On Monday 02 April 2001 15:50, you wrote:

>> I would like to have the search results ordered by time of creation.

> Sorting by time would be simple, but Perlfect Search currently doesn't 
> even save the files' dates.

> If you know Perl it's rather easy to add this, you just have to do another 
> 'tie' and save the date per file (like e.g. the title is saved per file). 
> In you then need to sort by date, not by score.

> Regards
>  Daniel

Thanks Daniel!

You mean I have to save the date into the (in this case PHP) files?
Like "<!-- 2000.02.02. -->" (or similar)?

If so, that's not a problem. I'll also check out