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[Perlfect-search] Indexing files with automatically generated headers

Stephan Engelke
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:14:59 +0200
Hi everyone,

I am sure there are others with the following problem.
I am using some PHP-code to automatically generate headers and footers
for my web-pages.  This included the <title>-tag, common <meta>-tags AND
the <body>-tags.

A php-page essentially looks like this:

<?php header("This is the title", "/style/sheet.css"); ?>
... content ...
<?php footer(); ?>

for the obvoius reason, Perlfect search does not handle these pages
very well.  There is no title displayed and due to the lack of a
<title>-tag visible to the indexer. Additionally the indexer is not
able to recognize the first n words of the body since there is no
<body>-Tag either. 

Adding commented out title and body tags do defieat the purpose of the
"hidden" headers.

I have taken a look at swish-e, which is able to do it's indexing by
using a http-connection, but as my pages contain off-site links and
the development system is behind a dial-up connection, indexing takes
forever and a day due to the timeout I have to suffer through.

Does anyone have any idea how to "outsmart" search?  

Are there any other options of not having to add identical headers
to every page?

Regards -- Stephan
Stephan Engelke                                      
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