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[Perlfect-search] Can Perlfect support Chinese/Big5 ??

Fri, 15 Sep 2000 04:17:23 +0800

>use locale;
>at the top of both and If your system if configured 
>correctly this might help. On the other hand, we filter anything that's 
>not a-zA-Z....

I add it,but it still can't work. 

>Can you tell us more about the encoding you're using? When I look at it 
>with an editor or with netscape, I only see stuff like "w�w�l?.
>I guess this encoding uses two bytes for each charatcter?

Yes,the Chinese/Big5 charatcter set uses two bytes ( 16 bits )to encode.
It's encoding range from A140 to F9FE and 8180 to FEA0 , total 23,940 words.

Thank you!

 Juang Da-Wei