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[Perlfect-search] can't next bug fix

Fri, 20 Oct 2000 20:07:31 +0100
hello there

just done a no-telnet install and ran into a few bugs while getting 
the permissions and addresses right.

(on linux/apache/perl 5.00503)

There were two cases where permissions failure caused the indexer to 
die with a  "can't next outside block" error instead of the 
warn-and-continue that was intended. one is in &load_stopwords and 
the other on the readdir in &crawl: in both cases the next is used to 
leave that sub in the event of a glitch.

i don't know enough to tell whether this is unique to my setup or a 
general issue.

It's easily fixed by using double curly brackets - sub crawl {{ ... 
}} - to create a block to exit, but it might be better to do 
something more straightforward like an explicit return.

i apologise if this is all common knowledge. i'm new to the list.

btw, is anyone interested in a couple of paragraphs on how to install 
with only a browser and ftp? my esteemed client managed to find an 
isp with no command line at all.

thank you for the scripts, whoever is responsible for them. saved me 
a pile of time and hassle.