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[Perlfect-search] does nothing?

Rob Stevenson
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 11:17:26 -0300

Hope you can help.

I downloaded and unzipped the package, then ftp uploaded it to my remote 
server (running Redhat Linux 6.2 and Apache of course). I telnetted in 
and followed the directions...

4. Go inside the distribution directory that you just uploaded.
5. Run the setup utility with the following command: perl

Unfortunately, absolutely nothing happens. I don't get amy prompts and 
nothing is installed  anywhere. The server has perl 5.00503 I think, and 
it even has DB-File, so I should be ready.

In case it matters, I unzipped the package on my Mac using Aladdin's 
StuffIt Expander 5.1.2, and uploaded it to the server using Panic's 
Transmit 1.6. My telnet sw is NiftyTelnet 1.1 SSH r3.

Any help or hints greatly appreciated.


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