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[Perlfect-search] getting killed

Daniel Naber
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 00:06:26 +0200
On Thursday 12 October 2000 00:03, you wrote:

> (varies). According to them 'the problem is related to security and
> burden limits. It means that your script is either using an very large
> amount of memory and/or processor time.' and is killed to protect other
> users on the server.

Depends on what you define as "very large amount". Basically, building the 
index for a full text requires quite some memory, don't think you can do 
ynthing about that.

> I have stemming set to 0, number set to 0 - is there anything else I
> might try to overcome this problem?

You could try to set STEMCHARS to 7 or so... and increase MINLENGTH.