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[Perlfect-search] changing the url to support frames

Hubert Pereira
14 Nov 00 23:26:31 MST
i have installed  3.09 version on NT. But i have a few problems which i find
difficult to tackle.

1. there are many frames in our website.though the indexer program indexes
only asp files  i have to replace the .asp extension with .htm and prefix the
filename with 'fr_'.
for example if the url to a file is http://sitename/pnr_lending.asp  i need to
change it to http://sitename/fr_prn_lending.htm

2. the indexer excludes certain directories mentioned in no_index.txt.  But it
does index certain directories mentioned in it. i have given the whole path to
the directories.infact the path is same as the ones which gets excluded.

3. in the present state the search does not display the most relevant
pages.can this be tackled by adding meta(keywords, description) tags in the

Any help is welcome .Thanks in advance.


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