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[Perlfect-search] Search results display popdown form contents

David Precious
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 11:37:04 -0000
I take it by "popdown form" you mean a <select> input item?
If so, have you made sure that:
 (A) : It is within form tags;
 (B):  You have closed the <option> tags?

So it should look like:

<form name="navigation-dropdown">

<select name="Navigation-Menu">
    <option value="url">Option one</option>
    <option value="url">Option two</option>


Hopefully that'll help?

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From: "Britt Griswold" <>
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Sent: Monday, December 18, 2000 11:19 PM
Subject: [Perlfect-search] Search results display popdown form contents

> Is there any way to stop Perlfect search from displaying the text of a
> popdown form. It happens to be the first item that Prelfect thinks is
> readable text on the page.  This is most troublesome. This popdown
> navigation aid appears on every page of my site. I would just a s soon
> have it ignored altogether, but to have it take up most of the
> description for each link makes the search results page almost useless
> for determining which result to pick.
> Any suggestions? Even if I comment out those words for the search, won't
> they still display as the first visable text on each page return? Moving
> the popup form to the bottom of the page is not very desirable.  It then
> looses the point of being a quickjump list is you have to scroll to get
> to it.
> Britt Griswold
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