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[Perlfect-search] backwards?

Rob Stevenson
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 08:55:31 -0400

I've implemented perlfect at

Searching there using a highly specific search term such as...

Kody Janney Jane Sledge A User Model for Z39.50 Application Profile

...or even...

"Kody Janney", "Jane Sledge", "A User Model for Z39.50 Application 
Profile" an attempt to retrieve just that one document, yields 677 hits. But 
searching only on the name of one of the authors, Kody Janney, yields 
only 41 hits. (She is mentioned in other docs besides this one.)

Doesn't it make sense that I would get fewer hits the more specific the 
search term? And more hits with a less specific term? Perhaps a more 
general example will illustrate the point better: the word Framework 
appears in many of our pages, and often appears with the term "Dublin 
Core". A search on "framework" yields 147 matches, and on Dublin Core 
yields 341, so a search on both would yield only those docs in which both 
appeared, which would likely be less than 147, right? But it yields 376. 
Why? And why more than Dublin Core alone?

I've also tried quoting terms and separating them with commas, as well as 
using a plus sign or AND to make clear the Boolean intent, all with no 
change in the results.

Our site users are confused and rebellious and want me to find something 
that works. I can only conclude I've set it up wrong (though it's pretty 
much at its default settings). Any help you can offer will be appreciated.


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