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Vamsee Tirukkala
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 18:27:59
Hi All,

Thanks for replying to my message, as 'Daniel Naber' pointed out it was not 
the script problem, but the configuration of my cgi-bin, once I configured 
my cgi-bin in my web server things worked just fine.

One other thing, after I successfully ran and queried the searches, I found 
that all the searches were pointing to the home directory ( I am on NT), the 
solution the ine FAQ to replace '\' with '/' didn't help and I have to hack 
the code in to get the right file name, the problem is in 
$files=~m/^$DOCUMENT_ROOT( and some code I don't remember), I changed it to 
use substr to get remove $DOCUMENT_ROOT from $files. Things work fine now. 
Now sure if this is a bug or its not working just on my system.. Thought 
should let you guys know.

Thanks again for all the help.

>From: Mohamed Ines KEBIR <>
>Subject: perlfect
>Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 10:57:54 +0100
>Hi i read ur message on the newsgroup .. unfortunatly i got the same
>problem ...
>Another thing .. when i use under dos .. it runs ... but i cant
>access to the page while using the web ..
>did u solve ur problem and how if it is the case
>Thanks a bunch

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