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[Perlfect-search] (no subject)

Neil Clement
Wed, 6 Dec 2000 15:57:01 -0800
I'm having two problems install perlfect:

1> 401.3 Unauthorized: Unauthorized due to ACL on resource.  If I run the script
from the web server PC it requires that I login as an administrator.  I have the
files and the folder set as universal read/execute.

2> When the search is executed from the search page using the web server PC an
error is displayed saying: syntax error at
C:\Inetpub\\cgi-bin\perlfect\search\ line 43, near "# Note
that you also have to add ""
Execution of C:\Inetpub\\cgi-bin\perlfect\search\ aborted
due to compilation errors.

Thanks for any help,


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