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[Perlfect-search] Re: Perlfect Search usability test

Gary Starkweather
Tue, 29 Aug 100 15:44:55 GMT
I agree with David's observation. 

I have used formulations like the following when 
dealing with AND/OR and searching to good effect:

             Search By Keywords 

 Keyword(s) to search for: _________________ 
    0  Find matches using ALL keyword(s) 
    0  Search site using ANY keyword  

With all being selected by default. 

I think the (now) standard +- tools are very useful
and I am glad they are included, but most users just
don't seem to be able to grasp it.

Gary Starkweather

> Hi all,
> A very interesting read below...
> Thanks to David Travis who did the test.
> giorgos
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