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[Perlfect-search] Get blank screen when is accessed

Giorgos Zervas
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 03:50:45 +0000
Check you paths in; that's a very common error. Also before
reindexing delete the files in the data dir.


PS: Installed via telex? That's ultra cool... but I think you mean
telnet, don't you?:)

> wrote:
> I installed via telex and the installer and all worked great.  By
> mistake I deleted come of the files and decided to reinstall from the
> start.
> After deleting, via ftp, the files and folders from my server (unix),
> i uploaded newly unzipped files to a folder, and telexed in and ran
> the installer again.  All went good, indexer ran ok, but now I only
> get a blank screen when is accessed?  Help.  I' ve check
> permissions and reset all to 755.  Help.

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