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[Perlfect-search] error - any thoughts?

Thu, 17 Aug 2000 13:45:40 +0300
Daniel Naber wrote:
> On Don, 17 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> > sdbm store returned -1, errno 22, key "2" at (directory path)
> Giorgos, what do you think: Should we perhaps just disable everything
> that's not DB_File? Seems to cause big trouble...

Hmmm, you are reading my mind I think... Since this list started most of
the problems reported are one or the other way related with not using

However there are also quite a few people that happil run Perlfect
Search with SDBM. Should we exclude them and force them to upgrade to
DB_File? Well, I say no for the moment because SDBM is included with
Perl. This gives everyone a chance to run perlfect search. A small
chance ti may be but still...

What we can do though is update the documentation and explain all the
problems that have been mentioned thus far. Perhaps also add something
in the faq about the "SDBM return key -1 blah blah" problem. This seems
to be the most common error message that people report...

In the next version we should also show a warning when running the setup
script or the indexer if DB_File is not installed and let people know
that they may encounter some problems that are not due to the script but
to their DBM module.