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[Perlfect-search] problems under NT with links

Mon, 14 Aug 2000 23:37:54 -0700 (PDT)
I use NT and so I can't use ls -al, because at this
moment perlfect search is installed local and it runs
under IIS4 but I tried dir and that outputs the

15.08.00 08:20                 4.096  desc_tmp.dir
date is always the same      131.072  desc_tmp.pag
                               4.096  df.dir
                              32.768  df.pag
                               4.096  docs_tmp.dir
                               2.048  docs_tmp.pag
                               4.096  terms_tmp.dir
                              65.536  terms_tmp.pag
                               4.096  tf.dir
                              70.656  tf.pag
                               4.096  titles_tmp.dir
                               4.096  titles_tmp.pag
                16 Datei(en)    595.968 Bytes

Under NT Priviliges I saw that everybody has full
access. I am sorry that I answer so late, but I havent
the time to watch in my mailbox.

Thanks for your efforts


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