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[Perlfect-search] hangs

Deniz Sarikaya
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 16:18:12 -0400
Hi, here's the situation.

First off, I'm trying to use this product to make navigating my
department's intranet easier to navigate. Second, I'm installing these
scripts on my own box, not on the box that actually hosts this intranet
(because that box is dying). Third, I'm trying to create different
configurations so I can have different indices (ie, one for documents,
another for source code).

I didn't have any problems installing stuff the first time. Then I sat
down and came up with the following kludge for getting different
configurations: I created directories inside my cgi-bin like source and

Then, I went through the setup script (I know, I could have just edited
the, but I wanted to make sure everything worked) and made sure
to specify my cgi-bin had that extra directory.

No problems so far.

I stuck the following two lines in my crontab:

0 0 * * 0 (/turf/httpd/cgi-bin/source/perlfect/search/ >
/dev/null 2>&1
0 * * * *  (/turf/httpd/cgi-bin/doc/perlfect/search/ >
/dev/null 2>&1

(stuck the /dev/null's in because there is *so* much output) Just to
give an idea of the amount of pages we're working with, the indexer
found around 4K files and 61K terms for the source stuff and about 1K
files and 25K terms for the docs. The searches seem to be working fine
now, but I haven't really told everybody to hit it yet.

Anyway, when the cron-tab activated for the docs stuff, I noticed it was
taking a longer than it did during setup (looking through top). So, I
killed the indexer and ran it myself to watch the messages. Basically,
it adds 8 files and then seems to hit a race. It stops outputting any
more data, but according to top, it's still working.

Now, I was able to kludge around this by using the setup utility, but
even that's not working now *sigh*.

What's wrong? Why is my indexer hanging? Am I just fubar'ed? What more
information would you like about my setup to figure out what to do?

Deniz Sarikaya, DevDoctor.
Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.