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[Perlfect-search] HELP : Downloaded new 3.08 but found 3.05

Tom Walter
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 00:28:40 PDT
Hi everyone !

I have downloaded the new 3.08 from the site , but somehow in the "" 
program found one var $MY_VER which is set to 3.05 and not to the new one. 
Evethough the main page of says

"Apr 11, 00 - Perlfect Search 3.08 Update! If you downloaded version 3.08 of 
Perlfect Search on the 10h of April please do download it again. The old 
distribution accidentally included the setup script from version 3.05 which 
is incompatible with the setup script for 3.08. Apologies for the 
incovenience. Find out more.. "

So I clicked on "Find more" link and downloaded the 3.08 . But still 

I am really confuse with this

Is there any other way to INSTALL this search prg. ??
I would rathe like to Install manually , If some one has all the STEPS 
please send/post it . That would really help.

Help Appreciated .

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