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Tue, 8 Aug 2000 14:49:13 -0700
I telneted in and tried to cd to those directories, but got back "not a
directory" response.
I spoke to the techs at the isp and they say they have no immediate plans to
upgrade to
perl 5.
Guess I'll have to look at a differant script. What a drag.

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Daniel Naber <> on 08/08/2000 11:02:27 PM
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On Die, 08 Aug 2000, you wrote:

> Yep, it's patch level 36. I wonder what the chances are of the
> isp upgrading just for me?

Chances are excellent that there *is* already a new perl, just try another
path like /usr/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl.

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