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What's so special about this program?

When we started out writing this program, people asked us "why write yet another statistics program for your weblog when there are dozens of them for free on the web including all possible reports and analyses?"

True, but we don't need a program that generates 12-page reports about everything that can possibly be found through the logs. We need to monitor daily for our site, a handful of important aspects/trends of our traffic. We don't want them buried in pages and pages of other, mostly useless, information. We wanted a program that would show what we thought was important. So we made it, and we decided to also offer it for free here.

Perhaps you're interested to watch some other figures than this program doesn't. There are so many free web log analysis programs that we're sure you'll find a suitable one for your site. Otherwise, the trends that we watch with this program, are pretty much the most essential and informative ones, and you should definetly have a program to investigate them.


  • Monthly/Daily reports - helps you spot trends both short and long term. Watch day-by-day statistics to see how your site's traffic, sources of visitors and search engine success fluxuate throughout the week. Have a look at the monthly summary to see how you're growing by the day. Look back on your site's history on the global all-time report.
  • Traffic breakdown per document - find out how much traffic each single document on your site receives.
  • Referer log analysis - see all pages that referred visitors to your site, ranked by the amount of traffic they generated.
  • Gateway analysis - Which pages are the first that visitors see in your site? See where they enter from, to get an idea of what subjects bring you the most traffic, and what your visitors are looking for.
  • Multiple Logs - Even if your site is being delivered by mutliple web servers (as is usually the case with mod_perl enabled sites) the program can keep track of multiple logs and merge the data appropriately.
  • Fast - Munches logs at speeds close to 3000 lines per second on a PentiumII-class machine..


This program works with the plain or combined logs that the Apache web server generates. You might get IIS to generate a compatible log, but I won't get into that. Other than that, all you need is perl (and reliable webhosting) to run it.


Click here to download dailystats-3.0.tgz.


There is a README file in the archive you just downloaded, explaining how to install it and run it.


Perlfect Daily Stats is freely distributed under the GNU Public Licence.

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