Perlfect Solutions

General Programming Techniques

  1. Multiplexing filhandles with select() in Perl - Sometimes, especially when writing network services, it is necessary to be able to multiplex between several filehandles instead of blocking on read/write operations on them. This article explains how to do this using Perl's select() and the IO::Select module.
  2. Sorting Techniques - An introduction to sorting, and how to write your own sorting functions easily with perl. Includes some very common examples of sorts.
  3. Perl Regular Expressions - What are regular expressions and what are they good for? This article covers the very first steps in understanding the concept of regular expressions and their use in Perl.
  4. The Perl Regular Expression Tutor - See how regular expressions work. The interactive tutor allows you to enter your own input and regular expressions and will show you what matches and what not.
  5. Perl File Handling - Learn how to operate on files using Perl.

CGI Programming

  1. Flexible CGI Output with HTML Templates - This article describes a simple and effective method to format a CGI script's output from HTML templates, by replacing special template directives with dynamic content on the fly.
  2. Handling file uploading from www forms with - Find out how to handle file uploads from web forms in your CGI programs using perl and
  3. CGI Environmental Variables - Lists all standard environmental variables made available to CGI programs by web servers, and provides a brief explanation of each one of them.
  4. Processing URL-Encoded input for CGI scripts - This is a quick explanation of how URL-Encoded CGI input can be decoded and processed to a useful form.

Network Programming

  1. A web client for MP3 streaming in perl - This article is a complete tutorial showing how to create your own streaming web clients, that can be used to stream (play while downloading) multimedia files such as mp3.
  2. Sending mail with sendmail - Find out how to use sendmail (or other similar mail-serving software) to send e-mail from within your script.
  3. Perl, Sockets and TCP/IP Networking - An introduction to the basic concepts of socket communications and a tutorial on how to build simple programs tha communicate via TCP/IP sockets. The tutorial is based on two example programs that exchange information.
  4. Understanding HTTP using Perl - An introduction to the HTTP protocol used for the exchange of www documents. It covers the essential knowledge needed for the other articles in this section on web client programming.
  5. Connecting to remote hosts via TELNET - Think it's easy? Find why it isn't unless you use the Net:Telnet module, and learn how to use it to create programs that connect to other computers via telnet.


  1. Understanding UNIX permissions and chmod - A brief explanation, in simple terms, of how unix permissions work and how to manipulate/set file permissions with chmod. Although this is not directly relevant to perl, most novice Perl/CGI programmers get confused with this issue sometimes, so we hope this tutorial will help.

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