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We provide a wide range of professional services that cover all aspects of web publishing:

Custom CGI/database programming.

Our team of expert perl programmers has profound knowledge and long experience with CGI programming for the web. We can design and implement CGI programs to integrate your existing database with your web site or we can help you design and appropriate database for publishing your dynamic content on the web. Find out more...

Database-backed sites and online services.

Our primary field of expertise is the design of entire sites that work on top of a database. The power of this scheme of site organization is immense in terms of the potential for dynamic content deployment, user interaction, personalized content, activity tracking and scalability. Find out more...

Site design and graphics.

Some say that content is everything in the web. And indeed, fancy graphics and flashy designs rarely (if not at all) make any substitute for well-organized and presented content. The value of a site and :its impact on its visitors is certainly determined by the quality of the content and services it provides. But we certainly don't like boring sites either, and we aim to create lightweight, content-intensive but still aesthetically pleasing sites complemented with a well-balanced amount of quality graphics. Find out more...

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Hosted Perlfect Search(beta)

Don't have the time or the expertise to install and maintain Perlfect Search? Then our freehosted Pelrfect Search service is for you!

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→ Discover how you can sort any data structure
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